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Fair Oaks HVAC Contractor

It’s important to find a Fair Oaks HVAC contractor who can provide you with the most cost-effective equipment for your home. We at Fox Family Heating & Air have been providing homeowners in need of heating or cooling services high quality products at affordable prices since 2015!

Although Fair Oaks isn’t an incorporated city, it’s one of the most desirable places to live due to its location on the north banks of the American River. With nearly 40,000 residents in the Fair Oaks area and its Mediterranean climate characterized by damp, mild winters and hot, dry summers, Fair Oaks calls up Fox Family Heating & Air for the best warranty on HVAC repairs in town. Having a lifetime parts warranty along with a polite and friendly team to get their HVAC system working again is a wonderful combination of attributes for an HVAC company for Fair Oaks residents to count on.

Fair Oaks HVAC Contractor
HVAC Maintenance

You can always count on Fox Family Heating & Air, when you’re looking for a reliable HVAC company for maintenance.  Typically, this is usually ideal before the winter or summer seasons begin.  HVAC maintenance tasks include cleaning the coils, clearing the drainage line and re-calibrating your thermostat.  These things will not only keep your HVAC unit running longer and also make it run more efficiently therefore saving you money on your energy bill

By making sure you’re HVAC unit is ready to handle the outside temperatures, you’ll be able to stay comfortable in your home. We are happy to provide Fair Oaks HVAC maintenance to keep your family comfortable in their home.

HVAC Repair

Whether you are dealing with the Sacramento Valley heat in the middle of a hot summer day or a cold wintry day, your home can quickly get unlivable without a working HVAC unit. We understand that it can be a frustrating experience when your HVAC system breaks down. Rest assured that you can rely on the best HVAC repair in Fair Oaks. The Fox Family Heating & Air company offers a wide range of repair services to get your HVAC up and running.

With time, your HVAC unit will eventually need a much-needed repair. We extend affordable pricing along with quality repairs and overall services.

HVAC Replacement

Your typical HVAC unit is lasts anywhere from 15 to 20 years. If you start noticing an uptick in repairs needed for your system, it could be time for an HVAC replacement. Fox Family Heating & Air is the company you can count on for your HVAC unit replacement in Fair Oaks. We can help recommend the right type of HVAC unit meant to cool and heat your home. This will include the perfect size and capacity for your home’s square footage.

We’ll take care of everything from installing both the indoor and outdoor units to updating your ductwork as well.Give us a call today so that we can schedule your appointment.

Whole House Fans

If you want to cool your home while purifying your air then whole house fans can be a good investment. The Fair Oaks whole house fan cost can come out quite affordable compared to other options. If you live in an area with low humidity, the whole house fans will be the right choice. The Sacramento Valley is a great location to use a whole house fan.

Fox Family HVAC can install the whole house fan system for you by running the ventilation for your attic and the rest of your home. Cool your home on those hot days without the usage of an air conditioner altogether. This also helps those who suffer from allergies as a result of pollutants in the air can benefit from a whole house fan in Fair Oaks. Contact the Fox Family Heating & Air company to set up an appointment.

Do you need help with from a fast, friendly, reliable Fair Oaks HVAC contractor? Call us today at 1-916-877-1577 or click the button below to book an appointment.