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Heat Pump Package Units in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova, CA

Heat pump package units are a bundled heater and air conditioner in one fairly large unit outside. These are usually found on the rooftop, which is why they’re sometimes called rooftop units, or RTUs.  

If your HVAC system doesn’t have an indoor air handler, chances are, you have a rooftop package unit. 

American Standard Heat Pump 1 Stage AC & Heat


Single-Stage Heat
Single-Stage Cooling
XR13.4c Package Unit

The American Standard XR14c heat pump package unit features an electric heat pump combined with a powerful airflow system to make sure every corner of your home will be efficiently comfortable.

14 SEER2 and 8.0 HSPF2 ratings heat and cool your home while lowering cooling costs even on the most extreme days.

  • Cooling Stages: Single-Stage and up to 14 SEER2
  • Heating Stages: Single-Stage and up to 8.0 HSPF2
  • Energy Star Rated: No
  • Climatuff™ compressor
  • Advanced Vortica™ blower motor
  • Rugged all-steel cabinet
  • Advanced airflow system
  • Supplemental heat only when needed
American Standard Heat Pump 2 Stage AC & Heat


Two-Stage Heat
Two-Stage Cooling
XL15c Package Unit

The XL15c is a high-efficiency, all-electric heat pump, maximizing your comfort whatever the season, year after year. The packaged heating and air conditioning system is all contained in one sleek cabinet for optimal use in any home.

Two-stage systems have a 70% speed in first -stage and 100% speed in second-stage. This system will run in first stage the majority of the time saving you so much more than your old single-stage system.

  • Cooling Stages: Two-Stages and up to 16.4 SEER2
  • Heating Stages: Two-Stages and up to 9 HSPF2
  • Energy Star Rated: Yes
  • Two-stage Climatuff™ compressor
  • State-of-the-art fan system
  • Composite Vortica™ blower
  • All-aluminum Spine-Fin™ coil
  • Durable Weather-Beater™ top
  • Two-Stage Gas Valve
  • Variable-speed blower motor with Comfort-R™

Typical Installations Include:

Fox Family Extras You’ll Receive

2 Years Preventive

We’ll come out twice a year for the first two years, once in the spring/summer, and once in the fall/winter to test and clean your new system and keep it running in top shape. Nothing is due when we come out for this service.

Start Kit

This will extend the life of your new system by taking some of the load off of starting the system up thousands of times over its lifespan.


  • 10 Years Parts Warranty
  • 10 Years Compressor Warranty (12 Years on the XL15c)
  • 2 Years Labor Warranty
  • 2 Years Preventive Maintenance – To receive a full 10 years labor warranty, just continue your paid maintenance with us from years 3 through 10 and pay nothing for any repairs for the first 10 years.**

Subsequent owners warranty will reduce to 5 years parts/compressor from date of install. Subsequent owners will not have the extended  labor warranty option available.

SEER Cost Comparison Calculator

  • How much can you save between your current SEER system vs one a newer one?
  • How much can you save between a 14 SEER and a 17 SEER?
  • California’s averages about $0.25 per kWh, but you can adjust the rate if desired.

Why We Recommend American Standard HVAC For Your Family

Fox Family Heating & Air and American Standard Technologies have been partners since 2015.  The reason we recommend American Standard equipment in your home all comes down to this.  We repair American Standard systems way less than any other brand on the market.

Click below for more reasons we choose American Standard HVAC for our customers in Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and all of Northern California.