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HVAC Calculators in Sacramento & Rancho Cordova

Table of Contents

True Cost Calculator

  • Approximately how much would you save if you invested in a new system now rather than holding on to your current system?
  • How many years do you want to hang on to it?
  • Did you know that systems rise in cost (at a minimum) $350 a year? In between 2020 and the end of 2022, basic systems rose in cost about 30%  ($3000)
  • What are the city, state, and federal rebates that are available right now in your area? They may not be there in a couple of years.
  • What are you spending to repair your system today?
  • Is it possible your system will have another repair over those next years you’re planning on hanging on to it?

You may be on the fence about replacing your system. No one can make that decision for you. You know your budget. You know your plans – and nobody else. But hopefully this calculator will make you aware of what it would cost to hang on to your system over those next few years. This will give you the power to make this very important and rather expensive investment in your home.

SEER Cost Comparison Calculator

  • How much can you save between your current SEER system vs one a newer one?
  • How much can you save between a 14 SEER and a 17 SEER?
  • California¬†averages about $0.25 per kWh, but you can adjust the rate if desired.