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Mitsubishi Variable Speed Ducted Heat Pump Systems in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova, CA

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Compact and Flexible, Powerful and Quiet, and Super Efficient.

This air handler’s compact design makes it possible to replace existing furnaces or air handlers.

  • Step 1. Replace your existing outdoor AC or heat pump with an SUZ heat pump.
  • Step 2. Replace your gas furnace or heat pump air handler with the SVZ air handler.
  • Step 3. Reattach the existing duct system to the new air handler.
  • Step 4. Enjoy your new variable speed system!


The SVZ air handler is truly multi-positional unit offering up, down*, left or right air flow, making it ideal for tight and unique spaces.


This system will cool your house down just as fast as any other brand on the market. It’s just smarter about it.


The DC motor ensures quiet and efficient operation year round. It truly is whisper-quiet. You almost have to be standing right next to it to know it’s running. Perfect if you need a quieter backyard.

Super Efficient

Mitsubishi Variable Speed Super Efficient

Use your existing 3rd party thermostat or let us provide Mitsubishi’s MHK2 touch thermostat.
Mitsubishi’s KUMO Cloud can be connected to any of its products. That way you can access your heating and cooling through your phone if you’d like.

Because of its precise measuring devices, Mitsubishi requires the use of a new lineset, so Fox Family runs a new one to the air handler. Usually this is done with a sheet metal lineset cover up the exterior of the wall.

Mitsubishi Variable Speed Ducted Heat Pump
Mitsubishi Variable Speed Ducted Heat Pump
Mitsubishi Variable Speed Ducted Heat Pump

Typical Installations Include:

Mitsubishi Mini Split System Installation

Fox Family Extras You’ll Receive

2 Years Preventive

We'll come out twice a year for the first two years, once in the spring/summer, and once in the fall/winter to test and clean your new system and keep it running in top shape. Nothing is due when we come out for this service.

Condensate Safety Switch

This will be your personal watchdog for any condensate drainage that may clog in the pipes. This switch will shut down the system if it senses a problem


  • 12 Years Parts Warranty
  • 12 Years Compressor Warranty
  • 2 Years Labor Warranty
  • 2 Years Preventive Maintenance

SEER Cost Comparison Calculator

  • How much can you save between your current SEER system vs one a newer one?
  • How much can you save between a 14 SEER and a 17 SEER?
  • California’s averages about $0.25 per kWh, but you can adjust the rate if desired.