HVAC Financing Options

Purchasing a new HVAC system
is a big investment.
We offer a few different HVAC financing solutions to help ease the financial burden for our customers in Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and all of Northern California.


25 months at 0.00%
37 Months at 5.99%
61 months at 7.99%
132 months at 9.99%

Available for all customers

Here's more info on your HVAC financing options

The credit application is short and simple and can be done over the phone with our office staff – or we can email a link directly to you.

Upon completion of the application, the credit decision is instant. Once approved, Synchrony emails a financing agreement to the customer for electronic signature.

Synchrony-bBank - HVAC financing

Synchrony is our most popular form of financing. It offers an unsecured revolving credit line (like a credit card), specifically for home improvements like your upcoming HVAC system. There are no liens attached to your HVAC equipment either.

Customers can apply for financing for smaller repairs, too. For any financed amount under $2,500, Synchrony offers a payment plan of 6 months at 0.00%.

The entire process with Synchrony is done electronically. This means faster processing and no postage or wasted paper.

If you have any more questions on the above HVAC financing options or help getting a free quote for an HVAC replacement please let us know.

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