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Need Expert Sacramento Furnace Replacement?

Choosing the right furnace installation company will give you comfort and peace of mind. Fox Family Heating & Air is the Sacramento furnace replacement service you are looking for.

Our Process

FREE Written Estimate

We always offer a free written estimate with no pressure or heavy sales pitch. Just a straight forward consultation.

Custom HVAC

We work with you to design a system that fits your home, your energy demands and your budget.

The Work

Now we order the equipment and get to work. We come prepared to protect your home, get your new system installed and haul away your old equipment.

Your New System

We spend the time to make sure you understand how to use your new furnace system. We'll set up your new thermostat to your preferences so you stay comfortable from Day 1.

Clean Up

We clean up after ourselves, leaving your home just the way we found it, if not better.

Warranty Support

We take care of all of the “after install” support. We make sure you know exactly how to use and maintain your system to keep warranties intact.

A Dedication To Quality Workmanship

Replacing your home’s furnace is a decision that sometimes comes when you have repaired an old system for too many winters, and it’s just time. Other times you have a major breakdown, and it doesn’t pencil out to keep putting money into it. Regardless of the reason, we know it’s not a fun position to be in.

Our Focus is Always to be Straightforward and Honest

We would much rather help you repair your system first, and if that is no longer an option and YOU choose to replace your furnace , we are happy to support you. It comes down to building a long-lasting, trusting relationship with our customers.

Can I get a free written estimate for a new HVAC system?

If you’re looking for a free estimate or a free quote on a new central air conditioning system in Sacramento, the answer is yes. The way to go about it is to call around to the companies you think have the best reputation or want to deal with and ask them if they give free estimates. Most companies will be more than happy to come out and assess your current system, measure your house, inspect the insulation levels and the windows, and see if there are any problem areas you’d like to have addressed.

Here’s what to do if you’re looking for a free estimate for a new central heating and air conditioning system in Sacramento:

  • Do your research first and find a few companies you’d like to work with.
  • Call or go online to their website and set an appointment for a free estimate or quote for a new system.
  • Let them come out to your home and expect to see them assess your current system.
  • Let them inspect your insulation levels and windows for infiltration.
  • Tell them about any problem areas in your home that may be too hot or too cold.
  • Get three quotes, but don’t always go for the cheapest. Go with who you feel best about.

In the Sacramento area, there are over 700 HVAC contractors. Some try to be the cheapest, while others are always the highest price around town. Most people usually go with the company in the middle that provides the most value. Cheap is not always going to be quality work. Quality work isn’t always going to be fast work. Fast and cheap are almost always not a good combination.

Good luck in your efforts to change out your central air conditioning system. And you can always schedule an appointment for a free estimate from Fox Family Heating & Air.

Furnaces and Heat Pumps

  • Trane
  • Mitsubishi
  • Payne

Trane is our primary line of HVAC system.  These are for customers looking for the most value for their money when it comes to standard unitary split or packaged systems.  Trane is a long-established HVAC system with a tagline that most people know. “It’s hard to stop a Trane.”


Trane is our primary line of HVAC systems. They have set the standard for HVAC residential HVAC systems for decades. Trane is for customers looking for the most value for their money when it comes to standard unitary split or packaged systems. Trane is a long-established HVAC system with a tagline that most people know. “It’s hard to stop a Trane.”


Mitsubishi is our primary ductless/ducted variable HVAC speed system. In 2018 our two primary lines joined and became Mitsubishi Electric Trane US. It’s a partnership that unites two of the most durable and reliable HVAC manufacturers. From a single wall-mounted unit to provide supplemental heating and cooling to a room in your home to a fully variable split system that can hook right back up to your existing duct system, Mitsubishi is an excellent choice for your heating and cooling needs.


Payne is our economy or entry-level system that carries a dependable name that has been in the industry for several decades. We receive low pricing on our inventory of Payne HVAC systems, which translates into really low prices for those buyers just looking for a practical solution to their rental home, apartment, condo, grandmother’s quarters, etc.