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Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Sacramento & Rancho Cordova

Looking for heating and air conditioning services by well-trained, certified technicians? Maybe your looking for a licensed contractor to replace your existing HVAC system. It takes a lot of trust to let just anyone do inside your home. So we promise not to take advantage of that.

Not Sure What You Need?

The weather in Sacramento County can be extreme in the summers, and quite chilly in the winter months.
This is why you need your air conditioner and your heater working in tip top shape.

Preventive Maintenance

If your system IS WORKING correctly, but you're looking for preventive maintenance, click on AC & Heating Tune-Ups

HVAC Replacement

If your system is 15 to 20 years old, you might be looking to  Replace Your System with a newer, more efficient one.

Other Heating and Air Conditioning Services

HVAC System Estimates

$0.00 HVAC System Estimate If you're looking to replace your existing HVAC system, it doesn't cost anything for us to come out to your house and give you a quote on a new system. The only thing we request in return is that all decision-making parties be there for the appointment. Although we will leave some more details on the page for replacing your HVAC system, it's tough for one-half of the decision-making party to relay THIS LARGE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION to everyone else making the decision.

AC & Heating Repairs

If your AC is not working or your Heater is not working Repair My AC or Repair My Heater, we'll send a well-qualified technician over to find out what is going on with the system. The $99.00 charge doesn't go towards the cost of the repair, though. That's what it cost for us to drive a fully-stocked service van with a licensed, insured professional anywhere in our 30-mile radius for you to find out what is wrong with the HVAC system at your home.

There is a way to have that $99.00 charge disappear and get you an additional 15% off any repairs you make by joining our Maintenance Club Membership during the call. Find out more here Maintenance Club Membership Program or ask your technician during the service call.

$75.00 AC or Furnace Tune-Up

If your system is working fine, but you'd like to have routine preventive maintenance done on it, call us out for an AC Tune-Up or a Furnace Tune-Up.  The $75.00 goes towards the cost of driving a fully-stocked service van with a licensed, insured professional anywhere in our 30-mile radius for you to go through either the cooling side or the heating side of your system with a fine-tooth comb and our 40-point checklist.

We'll also clean that AC or furnace while we are there.  Some of the more hard-to-get-to parts of the system that need to be cleaned cost extra.  These are items like a blower assembly, evaporator coil, and some secondary heat exchangers. 

Mini-Split Repair Info

Mini-split ductless system repairs are hit and miss with us. We are Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors, so Mitsubishi is the brand of mini splits we prefer to work on.  Due to the nature of some of the mini-split systems and the online availability for anyone to purchase and install them themselves, we have declined the opportunity to service them.  We have seen several mini splits in the past that did not get installed with a building permit in place, leaving its installation with some less than professional work.  We tend to decline to work on these, so we don't attach ourselves to those situations.

One extra note, some people purchase their system, install it, and then want us to come out and "finish" the refrigerant side of the job.  So, we just wanted to respectfully let you know we don't provide that service. 

$200.00 HVAC System Inspections

Many homes are bought and sold every day in Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and all of Northern California. Rarely do those homebuyers (and sellers!) know how the HVAC system of that house is REALLY performing. A home inspector can only go so far into the inspection of the HVAC system.  

They typically will look for a good temperature split and other significant damage to the system. Home inspectors are great, but they don't take the service panels off to inspect inside of them. Fox Family goes all the way into the system and evaluates the system's cooling and heating sides.  These are similar to our tune-ups, but we don't clean the system while we are there.  We simply get to work determining what's going right with your system and what's not working so well on your system. 

Maintenance Club Membership Benefits

$ 15
$ 233
HVAC Maintenance Club Membership

Fast, Honest and Friendly Service

We offer a wide range of services typical of a high-quality heating and air conditioning services in Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and all of Northern California. But we believe our company is special because of the way we treat our customers and communicate with them. Scheduling with us is fast and efficient, and we get to you quickly and most of the time have the tools to fix your problem on the spot. Everyone who works for us is knowledgeable and friendly and will give you an honest diagnosis and estimate. We truly value your trust in our company.

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