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12 Reasons Why Being A Certified HVAC Technician Is A Good Career Choice

Hi, I’m Greg Fox from Fox Family Heating and Air in Sacramento, CA.  If you’re out there trying to find a career that is rewarding, challenging and pays well,
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Fox Family Creating Consistent Customer Service

Creating Consistent Service for Our Customers

Why Fox Family Service Calls Are All the Same For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on standardizing the way we carry out our service calls.  It’s really
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What Do Gas Furnace Control Boards Fail

Why Do Gas Furnace Control Boards Fail?

A bad control board is not uncommon a couple of times a week during a busy winter of service calls here in the Sacramento Valley. What are the parts
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How Static Electricity Kills Control Boards

HVAC Training: 6 Ways to Prevent Damage to Printed Control Boards or PCB’s

Electrostatic Discharge is a Bigger Problem With Modern Electronics Than it’s Ever Been When I first learned how to change a control board on a furnace, I was educated
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GregFox HVAC Sacramento

Changes in Law Make it a Good Time to Buy a New (or Used) Vehicle

Extra Deductions Drive Above-Average Sales of Commercial Fleets We were pleased to appear in this 12/16/2019 article in The ACHR NEWS – Greg & Melissa Fox Contractors can save plenty
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Trade School or Apprentice

Should I Go to HVAC School or Get Hired as an HVAC Apprentice?

People entering the trades question whether they should start their journey out by going to an HVAC trade school or by trying to get hired on with a company
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furnace is blowing cold air

Top 5 Reasons Why My Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

Whеn the chilly weather fіnаllу аrrіvеѕ in Sacramento аnd you turn on your furnасе аftеr mаnу months оf non-use, thе last thing you want tо find is that it’s
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Low NOx Furnaces

Low NOx Furnace Requirements

Have you heard about Low NOx furnaces?  Do you even know what NOx is?  Keep reading for some great information about this topic on today’s blog post. Introduction As
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Using (or Abusing) the R-22 Phaseout as a Sales Tool

Some contractors selling equipment on fears that refrigerant will be illegal I was pleased to contribute to this 11/18/2019 article in – Greg Fox As of January 1,
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5 ways mistakes make you a better hvac tech

HVAC Training: 5 Reasons Making Mistakes Creates Better HVAC Technicians

Making mistakes means better technicians In an industry that that has a recruitment field that is slowly diminishing in size year by year, HVAC technicians entering the field need
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SMUD’s Heating and Cooling Rebates for Your Sacramento County Home

Breakdown of SMUD’s Heating and Cooling Rebates for Your Sacramento County Home

MUD rebates for Sacramento County in 2019 and 2020 In September of 2019, SMUD which is our electric company here in Sacramento County just announced the start of their
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Turning on the Furnace for the First Time Each Year

Turning on the Furnace for the First Time Each Year

What is that burning smell when I turn my furnace on for the first time each year? As the winter season approaches, a lot of you will turn on
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