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The summer comes with several potential air conditioner problems, such as soggy AC filters. The wetness can compromise the performance of the HVAC system by blocking the flow of air and giving a chance to mold and other biological matter to grow within the system. Today we share some of the common causes of this problem and also explores the ways Sacramento homeowners can deal with it should this happen to you.

Improper AC Installation

You should suspect that the filter is wet due to improper HVAC system installation if you recently replaced your AC unit with a new one. The filter can become wet if the condensate line wasn’t installed appropriately. Improper condensate line installation prevents the accumulated moisture from flowing away from the HVAC unit under the force of gravity. Consequently, the water will stay stagnant within the system and eventually find its way into the filter.

This problem can be addressed by altering the position of the condensate line so that it slopes away from the AC unit. Often times this problem goes unnoticed until lots of water has built up leaving you with a big mess to clean up. Moral of the story, check your filters monthly.

Clogged Drain Lines

HVAC systems that have been in place for long may develop clogs within the drain line (condensate line). Such clogs may be a result of the intrusion of various forms of debris or insects. Water will be unable to flow out and away from the AC unit when such a clog exists. This defect can be prevented by asking an AC maintenance technician to visit your Sacramento home regularly in order to perform routine maintenance on the entire AC system.

The clog can be removed using appropriate equipment, such as a small plumbing snake. This task should be left to professionals in order to avoid damaging the system. We have seen all too many DIY cleaning jobs go wrong.

Excessive Air Conditioner Pressure

Excessive system pressure can also cause the filters in the HVAC system to become wet. How does the pressure reach this undesirable level? Some Sacramento homeowners block the vents in some sections of their homes in order to reduce the cost of conditioning the air in the living spaces in those homes. Such deliberate or accidental closures of vents can cause the remaining ductwork to be exposed to intense pressure as the AC strives to maintain the desired temperature within the home.

Condensation will form at a high rate during such high-pressure conditions. That condensation can easily find its way into the filters and cause them to become wet. Make sure that all the AC vents are open in case you notice that the filter is becoming wet. Ask an HVAC system maintenance professional to inspect the ductwork of your Sacramento home so that any debris clogging the ducts can be removed.

Defective AC Seals

The difference in temperature between the air around the exterior AC unit and the temperature inside that unit can cause the filters to become wet in case the seals of the AC unit deteriorate and allow condensation to form within that unit.
The water vapor inside the evaporator coil may freeze. Some of that moisture can easily end up being carried throughout the HVAC system until it reaches the air filters and makes them wet.

Regular maintenance can prevent such a problem since the technician will identify and replace any damaged seals on the indoor or outdoor AC units.

Clogged Air Filters

The air filters themselves may also be responsible for the wetness that you notice. A clogged filter will not allow air to flow easily through its filter media. Consequently, any water vapor contained in the air struggling to pass through may cool and form water droplets which gradually make the filter media to become soggy. It is, therefore, necessary for you to check the air filter in your Sacramento home regularly so that you replace or clean that filter as soon as you notice that it has become clogged.

Avoid simply replacing the air filter as soon as you notice that it is wet. Investigate and find out the root cause of that wetness. Ask an experienced HVAC repair company in Sacramento for help in case you are unable to establish the underlying cause of the sogginess. This will save you from wasting money on replacement filters that quickly become wet since the cause of the wetness hasn’t been addressed. At Fox Family Heating & Air, we are honest, affordable, and respectful of your time and property.

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