Fox Family

How to find out
the cost of a new HVAC system

  1.    First find a few reputable HVAC contractors to work with.
  2.     Schedule an appointment for them to come to your home.
  3.      Have all decision makers there for the appointment.  It’s a big investment!
  4.     Expect the contractor to assess your current system and home to determine the correct size of your new HVAC system.
  5.      Ask questions. Get to know the company and its process for installing new systems.
  6.     Let the contractor give you their new system options.
  7.      Receive the price for the new system.
  8.      Trust your gut. Consider the price of the system, professionalism of the contractor, the online reviews of the company.
  9.     Approve the estimate with the company you would like to work with.

What Happens on a
New HVAC System Estimate?

Want to know how the process goes when you ask Fox Family Heating & Air to give you an estimate or quote for a new HVAC system?  We have a standardized approach to this, no matter which of our technicians comes out to your home. You’ll always get the same process, evaluations, thoughts, and ideas for your new HVAC installation as if the owner of the company gave it to you himself.

The goal is to be in and out of your home no more than 90 minutes.  But to do this properly, 60 minutes is pretty typical for the time needed to do the following:

1. Greet you and understand your current HVAC situation.
2. Find out your ideas for the project.
3. Assess and measure the house.
4. Determine the size of the system to install.
5. Present you with options for your installation.
6. Send you an electronic estimate via email.

1.  The first thing we do when we meet you is to get a good idea of your situation and why you are considering a new system. This is a good time to bring up issues around the home.  For instance, some rooms might feel more uncomfortable more than others.  Maybe an adjustment needs to be made to a duct to a problem room.

2.  Our customers are usually excited at the idea of having a new air conditioning system installed in their home.  Maybe you have some ideas you’d like to see done on the project.  An example would be if you wanted to move your outdoor AC unit to another location – like around to the side of the house so you can enjoy your backyard without the sound of the AC running.

3.  Next, we want to assess the performance of your home.  This means we’ll go around room by room and measure them, evaluate the windows and the duct(s) size to those rooms.  We also go into the attic to determine the insulation levels.  That gives us an idea of the load we need to overcome on hot sunny days to keep you cool.  We go to the outdoor unit to determine wire size and other items.  We look at the indoor furnace or air handler to assess any changes that need to be done to meet building code mandates.  We review duct condition, return sizes, and other things around the house TO MAKE SURE WE PROPOSE THE CORRECT SIZE SYSTEM!

4.  Once we have the information we need, we can accurately determine the size of your system and any other options we would suggest.  Of course, you can go with any of our options or none.  It’s entirely up to you.  As an expert in sizing systems, we know that a house upgrading to new ductwork, blown-in insulation, and new windows soon likely won’t need the same size system as a house that will not be making any of these types of upgrades to their home.  So, it’s not always a like-for-like changeout.

5.  Next, we present you with the options we recommend for your project.  We take all the concerns and ideas you’ve brought up and apply them to a perfect match for your home.  We typically have three options we’ll present to you: a single-stage, two-stage, and variable speed option.  These are the three leading technologies going into homes today.

6.  We’ll send an email to you with our electronic quote.  We will detail the options we have given you and list the extra items discussed for the job.  The quote will have buttons to click regarding your response to the estimate. You can decline the ones you want and approve the project you want to move forward with.  That signals us to contact you and determine a date for the installation, send the contract to you, and other details.

If you don’t respond to our quote within a couple of days, we’ve asked our technicians to follow up with you to see if you have any questions.  We promise not to inundate you with spammy calls; we just don’t want to leave you hanging by not following up.

So, this is our process for giving you a quote for your upcoming project.  We’d love to have the opportunity to work for you!  Click on the orange link at the top of the screen to schedule an appointment for one of our team members to give you a free quote on a new HVAC system.