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Furnace Repair: Common Furnace Problems We See This Time of Year

Furnace Repair, Common Furnace Issues

It is good for homeowners to have a basic understanding of what could be wrong in case the furnace malfunctions. This knowledge will enable the homeowner to fix the defect himself or herself in case the defect doesn’t require an expert. The discussion below explores some of the common furnace issues that Fox Family Heating and Air, a Sacramento heating and air conditioning company, often has to deal with when called by homeowners.

No Heat Coming From My Furnace

Several defects can stop the furnace from producing any heat once it is turned on. For example, a defective pilot light will stop the furnace from generating heat. Similarly, any defect in the thermostat (wrong settings, for example) can also prevent the furnace from heating your home.
The specific remedy selected will depend on an accurate diagnosis of the problem. For instance, you can follow the instructions in the user manual to check whether the pilot light is on. A clog may be preventing gas from reaching the pilot light. Clear the clog and the furnace will work as expected. Get help from a furnace repair company in Sacramento if the problem persists.

Insufficient Heat Being Produced

The furnace may turn on but struggle to deliver enough heat to warm your home. A dirty filter or burner can be the culprit for this problem. A loose blower belt or a clogged blower can also lead to insufficient heat production. Start by checking the filter in case you experience low heat production by the burner. Replace the filter in case light rays cannot penetrate through it once you hold it up. Clean the burner if it is dirty. You may need to call for technical support from a furnace technician in Sacramento in case these two remedies don’t fix the problem.

My Furnace Won’t Turn On

Check and confirm that that furnace switch is on if the furnace isn’t working. Go to the breaker panel and find out whether the breaker has tripped. You should also pay attention to the thermostat. Replace the batteries or adjust the settings in case any of those issues were preventing the furnace from turning on. The safety switch on the door of the furnace can also prevent the furnace from working. That switch is designed to pop out in case the door of the furnace is removed in order to access the hidden components of the furnace. Close this door so that the switch doesn’t prevent the furnace from activating.

Altered Flame Color

The flame from the burner should be blue. A yellow or reddish flame is an indicator of incomplete combustion due to the presence of contaminants. Those contaminants (dust, for example) are usually in the thermo-coupler or on the burner. Clean these components after switching the furnace off. A soft brush or a vacuum cleaner may suffice for this cleaning exercise.

Blower Not Stopping

The blower can work nonstop in case its limiting switch develops a defect. A blower that runs nonstop should only be repaired by a licensed professional since it is very risky for a layperson to tamper with such a complex electrical system. The technician from Fox Family Heating and Air will check and replace this limit switch in case it is found to be worn. This will prevent the blower from failing prematurely due to excessive wear.

Unusual Noises Coming From My Furnace

The furnace should not emit any loud noises, such as scraping, rumbling, rattling, or popping sounds. Such sounds could indicate that a mechanical component, such as the blower belt, has slipped or failed. Lack of lubrication can also cause friction between moving parts. The best thing that you can do in such a case is to turn the unit off and call a professional from a Sacramento heating and air conditioning company to fix the defective component before other parts are affected by that malfunction.

Some furnace problems can be repaired by the homeowner while others require expert intervention. Avoid taking on any furnace repairs which you aren’t comfortable with. Let the professionals at Fox Family Heating and Air take care of those problems so that heating can be restored to your home quickly.

Fox Family Heating & Air serves Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and all of Northern California. If you’re looking to schedule HVAC service in these areas, give us a call!

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