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Best Gas Furnaces 2023

One of the most common questions I get as an HVAC contractor in Sacramento is, “Which gas furnace systems are the best?” Or more specifically what are the best gas furnace for 2023?  I see a ton of articles online about this topic – many that someone who’s not even in the HVAC industry wrote! Some compensated blog writer wrote it or gave you a list of top-rated systems. Systems they’ve never even touched. These bloggers are telling people that nationally recognized economy line systems are better than those that will truly last you a long time.

Best HVAC Systems

Just like a summer post in 2022 on which AC systems are the best, I have always felt like three manufacturers have had the best reputation for the last few decades. And in no particular order, they are:

  • American Standard
  • Carrier/Bryant
  • Lennox

Best Gas Furnace for 2023 A Special Note:

Before I list the rest of the systems, I want to mention furnace systems come fully assembled at the factory and are ready to work. However, it takes experienced technicians to modify the unit per the manufacturer’s instructions to conform to your specific home’s demands. The last step of installing it “in the field” and adding whatever additional parts to bring it up to the proper building code in your area is up to the contractor you choose.

That’s an important point because buying a Carrier, or Lennox includes buying it from a professional, detail-oriented, reliable contractor you trust and are comfortable with bringing to life. If someone is going to install it for you, but you can’t find them after the installation because they sell systems so cheap they’re out of business, or they simply won’t pick up the phone, that’s not going to help you when you need some follow-up.

You can buy any system, but if the blower settings, gas pressures, static air pressures, high and low voltage wiring, fuse sizes, a precision refrigerant charge, airflow, water drainage, gas piping, intake air, exhaust system, thermostats, and other safety codes aren’t set up correctly, you’ll find your new system not lasting nearly as long as it could have. It can be the difference between your system lasting ten years or 20 years.

Consumer Reports

So, Consumer Reports asked over 36,000 gas furnace owners who had their system installed between 2005 and 2021. Their owner satisfaction ratings are based on the percentage of members who are extremely likely to recommend their gas furnace brand to friends and family.

The manufacturers of today’s residential heating and cooling systems are:

  • Rheem, who also makes:
    • Ruud
  • Daiken, who makes:
    • Goodman
    • Amana
    • Daiken
    • Janitrol
  • Bosch recently started making their own systems. Pretty good ones too. We sell their inverter split systems and package units.
  • Nortek, who makes:
    • Intertherm
    • Maytag
    • Frigidaire
    • Nordyne
  • Johnson Controls, who makes:
    • York
    • Coleman
    • Luxaire
  • International Comfort Products (ICP) who makes several brands. The most prominent are:
    • Day & Night
    • Tempstar
    • Comfortmaker
    • Heil
    • Keeprite
  • Lennox also makes:
    • Armstrong
    • Ducane
    • Aire-Flo
    • Concord
  • Carrier also makes:
    • Weathermaker

Isn’t it crazy the limited number of true manufacturers but the 30+ brands we have to choose from? No wonder it’s hard to determine the best gas furnace for 2023!

Here is where they fall as far as owner satisfaction. And keep in mind that some of these brands like Bosch, Daiken and others didn’t make the Consumer Reports survey results due to their obscurity and low number of installations during that 2005 to 2021 timeframe.

Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Ratings for Gas Furnaces Highest Rated for Owner Satisfaction:

  • American Standard rated 5/5

Second Place for Owner Satisfaction:

  • Carrier rated 4/5
  • Bryant rated 4/5
  • Lennox rated 4/5

Mid-Tier HVAC Systems

  • Rheem rated 3/5
  • Ruud rated 3/5
  • Armstrong rated 3/5
  • Concord rated 3/5
  • Ducane rated 3/5
  • Amana rated 3/5
  • Comfortmaker rated 3/5
  • Day & Night rated 3/5
  • Heil rated 3/5
  • Keeprite rated 3/5
  • Tempstar rated 3/5
  • Goodman rated 3/5
  • Coleman rated 3/5
  • Luxaire rated 3/5
  • York rated 3/5

Lower-Tier HVAC Systems

  • Frigidaire rated 2/5
  • Maytag rated 2/5
  • Westinghouse rated 2/5


When it comes to deciding which gas furnace systems are the best, you have three systems perennially at the top of the list. Carrier, and Lennox. While their single-stage and two-stage systems have the same capabilities, efficiencies, and life spans, it’s the higher-tier variable speed systems where you’ll start seeing the differences.

When you start looking for a vehicle, you pretty much have a brand name in mind. You might get a higher or lower-end model with fewer bells and whistles, but maybe you’ve always felt comfortable driving a GMC truck over a Toyota truck.

In another post, let’s talk about the other heating systems in homes across America – Best Heat Pumps for 2023

Let me know what you think about this in the comments below. I see a ton of articles online about this topic – many that someone who isn’t even in the HVAC industry wrote. Some paid blog writers wrote it. You’ve got to take it from someone who actually installs them and services the equipment out in the field.

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